Graduated from the French School of Psychological Organic Analysis 1987- 1990 (EFAPO)

Essene Care Training with Anne Givaudan 2015-2019

Member of the Association of Psycho Organic Analysis (AAPO) Member of the French Federation of Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy (FF2P).

Since 2011, I provide energetic healings and psycho-organic therapy sessions in my office, on the southern plateau of Pibrac, near the road to Levignac, and the avenue François Verdier.

After a career in local and town management, I am now entirely working as a therapist, in a helping relationship, and in connection to the subconscious which has always fascinated me.

In my young age, I followed a psychotherapy, and I finished my training of as a psychotherapist in 1990 within the EFAPO. This school was created by a Norwegian psychotherapist, Guerda Boyesen, trained in the Reich School. Following a career in the management of local authorities, I took over in 2011 my activity of psychotherapist.

I noticed that the time of the therapy had evolved, with the current acceleration and the requirement for each one to be in phase with the elevation of the vibratory levels of the planet.

In order to help people withstand the growing stress of our society, I focused on energy care, in the Essenian tradition of Anne Givaudan's footsteps. She is an outstanding woman who taught me a new  fantastic spiritual level. Essenien healings come from Egypt, and former civilisations, through the Hebrew essenian group.

The protocols of Essenian care are powerful and my knowledge base and practice in psychotherapy are very complementary.

I propose, either a psychotherapeutic follow-up on the duration, or sessions of energy care with the reading of aura and energy care on a single module of 90mn to renew only in case of need.

I accompany adults, couples and children on this path of self-knowledge, to accept and set limits, and find their inner child to develop their talents!

In addition, I practice for eight years Tai Chi and Chi Kung, which allows me to develop and maintain my "Chi"!


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