Realign yourself !


Essenes Care is a therapeutic approach that uses the healing power of the light of the hands and the sound of the therapist's voice, as well as the massage of energy points in order to maintain or restore a harmonious balance between the body, the soul and the spirit. This care works by restoring the flow of energy that has been disrupted by stress, illness, negative thought forms, and the difficulties of everyday life.


Through clear feeling, pranic sound, aura reading, I perform energy rebalancing treatments by cleaning nadis and harmonizing chakras.


- massage of nadis points with essential oils,

- hand fluid,

- the sound of the voice that spontaneously re-harmonizes the suffering areas in tune with the whole body.


I also practice the rebalancing of the chakras, the care of the etheric bodies of the organs, and the repair of the leaks of the aura.


You are an actor of your own healing, by undoing the unconscious incorporated contracts.


Speech and awareness are essential for recognizing situations, and accepting to let go of the past, and to become resilient to the events and people in our lives.

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