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Soins énergétiques ess

Essenian Energy Healings

Regain alignment with light and sound therapy

Essene Energy Care belongs to an ancient knowledge of which the Essenes had custody in their monastery of Qumran. It is quantum healing before the letter, as it uses the healing abilities of light sent by the hands and the sound of the therapist's voice. The energy circulation is reactivated and harmonized by the massage of energy points located on the nadis of the body with complexes of essential oils to maintain or restore a harmonious balance between the body, the soul and the spirit.

These treatments work by restoring the flow of energy that has been disrupted by stress, illness, negative thought forms and the difficulties of everyday life.

The Essenian treatments will bring into play the upper Chakras, 5th, 6th and 7th, in connection with creativity, the mind, spiritual openness, finally the 4th chakra of the heart, which is the great integrator, with resilience, the acceptation, the connection with the higher self which allows to trust the Life and the others, to come out of the torments of the ego, and to raise its energy level.

Lecture aura, exemple
Huiles essentielles de soins

Through the clear-felt, the pranic sound, the reading of aura, I carry out energetic rebalancing treatments by cleaning the nadis and harmonizing the chakras.

- Massage of the nadis points with essential oils,

- Hand fluid,

- Sound of the voice which spontaneously re-harmonizes the painful areas in tune with the whole body.

I also practice rebalancing the chakras, healing the etheric organ bodies, and repairing aura leaks.

You are an actor in your own healing, by unwinding the incorporated unconscious contracts. Speech and awareness are essential to recognize situations, and accept to let go of the past, and come into resilience with the events and people of our life.

Chakras du coeur guérisseur
Les rayons de lumière qui apportent la guérison, image egyptienne
Soins Quantiques
Analyse psycho
fleur de vie 1.png

Quantum Healing, 2 points

Sometimes, suffering needs to be relieved quickly, and I use a quantum healing technique called the "two-point" method, by connecting to the universal energy and information matrix, to re-engram new information in the damaged tissue.
Through the laying on of hands, and with the force of intention, the feeling of compassion, it is a question of introducing into the damaged tissue, information prior to the physical trauma, or on other dimensions.
This technique, which can be applied to other fields, makes it possible in the field of care to treat various pains, with a lasting effect.

Psychotherapy: psycho-organic analysis

I offer psycho-bodily therapy, Psycho-organic Analysis in osmosis with energy care, and focusing on deep relaxation which allows access to letting go.
In Jung's tradition, dream analysis, daydreaming, are tools to open an open door to the unconscious.
To recontact buried emotions, I offer psychotherapeutic exercises and massages. The deficiencies of infancy are not accessible with the mind.
These emotions, anger, fears, guilt, sadness once made aware, are no longer toxic. These are gentle techniques that allow you to integrate these emotions, linked to old or recent situations that are sometimes painful.
Stress is an addictive state with multiple consequences. the objective is to experience a state of relaxation with a "digestion" of the tensions within our second brain.
It is only by knowing and accepting our dark sides that we can move towards
the light! Yin / Yang
yin yang
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