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Hello! These are unique times and you may feel helpless in the face of a staged global health crisis, deeper isolation, and looming economic collapse. All of this rekindles our fears and generates anxiety ... Now, this is precisely the time to stay centered, radiant, take care of ourselves, and cleanse our negative emotions and limiting thoughts. It is possible to project yourself into well-being and a better future! We are Creators, we have our free will and the power to construct our reality. Our positive energies accompany our beautiful planet, the Earth in its energetic rise to live in harmony and in abundance!
I accompany you towards this new future, and towards a new serenity!

Suzanne Cordier Thérapeute

Psychotherapist by training, I practice an ancient holistic therapy, Essenian Energy treatments, and quantum therapy.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

These treatments are highly effective medicine for the body and soul: they operate for many physical and psychological difficulties, fatigue, depression, stress, burn out, hyper activity, insomnia, various chronic ailments, and in connection with femininity.

All the so-called "diseases of civilization" pathologies can be reduced by working successively.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

  • On the psychological side, on the root causes, the trauma, the limiting thoughts,

  • On the energetic blockages of the different bodies, in particular the etheric body and the re-engrammage of an initial state of health.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Psychotherapy in organic psychoanalysis makes it possible to work on the first three Chakras, anchoring, sexuality, emotional blockages, in order to best incarnate in the present, in the life of a couple, in family and in professional life.

My knowledge of the company also allows me to help take a step back from complicated professional situations.

All this work of deconditioning allows you to access your higher self, get out of the torments of the ego, and raise your energy level.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

The Essenian treatments will bring into play the upper Chakras, 5th, 6th and 7th, in connection with creativity, the mind, spiritual openness, finally the 4th chakra of the heart, which is the great integrator, with resilience, the acceptance of feelings, which allows to trust in Life and in Others.

Lemniscate, nettoyage des nadis

Suzanne Cordier


Essenian Energy Care Training Certificate and Aura reading with Anne Givaudan.

Psychotherapist Diploma

in Psycho-organic Analysis

EFAPO 1990.

Grotte de Marie Madeleine en Dordogne
Je propose


Since 2011, I have been offering energy treatments and psycho-organic therapy in my practice on the southern plateau of Pibrac, near the route de Lévignac, on avenue François Verdier.

After a career in local authorities, I am now fully involved in this activity of helping relationship, and connection to the unconscious which has always fascinated me.

Soins énergétiques à Plazac Lune Soleil
Cabinet Suzanne Cordier à Pibrac


A session lasts 90 minutes and can be organized into three parts, interview, aura reading, and energy treatments.

Price of 70 Euros for the first session, and 60 Euros for a follow-up session.

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Mon parcours

I followed a young psychotherapy, and I completed my training as a psychotherapist in very "transformational!" Psycho-organic analysis in 1990 within EFAPO, a school created by a Norwegian psychotherapist, Guerda Boyesen, of Reichian training.

Following a career in the management of local authorities, in 2011 I resumed my activity as a psychotherapist. I noticed that the time of therapy had evolved, with the current acceleration and the requirement for everyone to be in phase with the rise in vibratory levels.

of the planet.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In order to be able to help people resist the growing stress of our society, I turned in 2015 towards energy care, in the Essenian tradition on the footsteps

by Anne Givaudan.

This extraordinary meeting was a handover on the fantastic spiritual level. The Essenian care protocols are powerful and my base of knowledge and practice in psychotherapy is very complementary.


I offer Essenian or quantum energy care sessions with interview, aura reading and energy care over 90 minutes, and psychotherapeutic and energetic follow-up over time, according to requests.

I accompany adults, couples and children on this path of self-knowledge, to accept and set limits, and find your inner child to develop his talents! Being bilingual, English French, British, American or English speaking people

are welcome!

In addition, I have been practicing Taichi and Chi Qong for eight years, which allows me to develop and maintain my "Chi"!

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20 rue de l'Aubépine 31820 Pibrac
06 82 11 34 61
05 67 06 77 69

Merci pour votre envoi !

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